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A no-frills storefront on 9th Street’s not-just-Italian Market, Taqueria Los Taquitos de Puebla serves up deliciously authentic Mexican fare. Warning: hot chilies are used liberally and the salsa stings — a major plus for spice hounds. All comers agree that their spit-roasted savory and sweet tacos al pastor (shaved pork with bits of pineapple in a homemade tortilla) are the best in the city. You can also sample those tacos and a few other dishes at Los Taquitos de Puebla’s regular stand at the Headhouse Farmers’ Market on Sundays.

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PHOOD TALES - Los Taquitos de Puebla

Since I left this restaurant, I have not had much contact with authentic Mexican food. For the first time, I find myself craving it more and more. I was able to pick up a few tricks from my amigos and can now make a few dishes on my own, but when I don't feel like cooking I'm at a loss for where to go. In my search for the real deal, this taqueria kept popping up on my radar.

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Tacos Alambres at Los Taquitos de Puebla

Forget the cheesesteak, these are my new favorites.
Melted chihuihua cheese, green peppers, beef, mushroom, pork, onions, an amazing smokey / grilled flavor, served over flour tortillas.
I only had one as part of an 11-course meal last night. It was a revelation of flavor, with the full-on total savory experience that you get with a good cheesesteak.

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Tacos Al Pastor At Los Taquitos de Puebla

The PhillyFoodGuys visit one of the smaller taquerias along 9th Street in South Philadelphia. However Los Taquitos de Puebla is becoming known for its tacos al Pastor.

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Los Taquitos de Puebla: Under the Radar?

Ever since our South Philly Taqueria Tour, I’ve been jonesin’ for another Mexican food fix. So when I learned that I missed out on Los Taquitos de Puebla’s Tacos al Pastor, I knew that I had to go back… even if it was for takeout.
Doing my best NASCAR impression as I looked for parking, I had to laugh as I saw throngs of people queued up for steaks from Genos. I could only hope that the restaurant didn’t have a “Spanish Only” policy…

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Real tacos al pastor in Italian Market area?

Los Taquitos de Puebla is open! Craig LaBan wrote it up in his offal article last Thursday, for their tacos de cabeza and tacos de ojo. I wasn't up for trying those, but I had their tacos al pastor and they're by far the best I've had in Philadelphia. They do have a trompo. It wasn't on this afternoon when I went, but the tacos tasted like they had been cooked that way--dry-ish (rather than the saucy meat you get elsewhere) fatty, flavorful slivers of pork, with cilantro and onion, on doubled little tortillas. Two delicious salsas, a red one made with dried chile and an especially delicious green one of tomatillo and avocado. They brought out a "salad" plate as soon as we sat down, with fiery onions marinated with habanero chile, nopales with onion, a little pico de gallo, cucumber and radish slices, and lime for the tacos. Delicious.

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DON'T make the mistake of limiting your South Philly taco intake to La Veracruzana and La Lupe. Los Taquitos de Puebla is too good to miss, and just as the cuisines of Puebla and Veracruz (neighboring states in Mexico) have marked differences, not least of which are the differences in local agricultural products, no two South Philly tacos are exactly alike.

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